Accessories for your windows

You decide on the size, accessories, colours and decoration windows. We will take care of the rest with the utmost care and commitment of our employees, who are masters in their proffesion.

Selected handle colours



VIKKING handles not only serve a practical function, but also affect the aesthetics and convenience of life in your home.

Choose from dozens of types of exclusive window accessories.A variety of colors, modern finish structure and shapes to match the interior design.


Our handles are equipped with locking mechanisms that provide greater security.

They can have a lock against accidental opening from children, for example an additional button or key) or even protection against breaking the window – ensure peace of mind and safety for your loved ones!


The basic function of handles is, of course, to open and close the window.

However, with handles and hardware dedicated to VIKKING windows, it is you who regulate the air flow and control ventilation in the room. Take care of your comfort and health!