Why are REAL WOOD LOOK windows the best choice?

Discover what distinguishes us!

  • the only PVC windows on the market with REAL WOOD LOOK surface decoration
  • a patented unique decoration system
  • REAL WOOD LOOK windows are decorated with the highest quality ecological varnishes, providing long lasting colours
  • the possibility of selecting any colour from the RAL palette
  • dedicated to passive and energy-efficient houses
  • recommended for people who are particularly interested in reducing costs of heating
  • the triple seal system in the Arctic Plus line significantly improves the windows thermal insulation
  • triple gazing units of Arctic Plus and Arctic lines provide excellent protection against cold and acoustic insulation
  • the revolutionary sash release system in the 6 mm frame introduces new airflow capabilities without drafts while maintaining high standards of safety
  • the highest quality fittings activPilot Comfort PADM enable the automatic programming of ventilation, even in the absence of the residents
  • up to 6 meters wide and with many options for configuring sliding doors
  • patio doors with an ultra-thin treshold
  • the parameters of the window packages are adjusted to the function of the room and the position of the room so that comfort and cost savings are guaranteed in every season of the year

Real WooD LOOK decoration

Innovative idea

Wooden products, during operation in the facilities, are vulnerable to many threats from destructive effect of moisture on the hygroscopic wood construction. From here the idea was born of decorating the surface of PVC profiles, to provide them with the aesthetics of fine wood and eliminate the effects and inconvenience caused by the use of wood.

Innovative technology

Decorated PVC profiles using REAL WOOD LOOK technology, unlike wood does not require care for protection against the weather. Any coating repairs are also possible in the facility where windows are already mounted.

Innovative design

Developed by a team of PW VIKKING engineers proprietary technology is the subject of international patent protection. The attractiveness of the acquired visual effects provoked us also to patent an international industrial design.


Only at VIKKING windows are available in all colors
from the RAL palette with additional special effects.

Wood-like colors

We have developed a proprietary REAL WOOD LOOK profile painting system in the most popular woodgrain colors to match your front door and garage door.

All colors from the RAL palette

We are the masters of coloring! A dream color not available from any supplier? We’ll make it happen. We love a challenge and we love playing with colors even more.

Pearl and metallic effects

Do you like to shine? Your home can, too. Beautifully shimmering in the sunlight windows that you can not pass by indifferently are at your fingertips.

Meet the Muntins

Dreaming of an elegant interior?

A home with a unique and exceptional character that matches your style? Choose our muntins for your windows! They look great in retro, loft, glamour interiors, as well as in villas and classic manors.

Vailable in different sizes and colors

There are many different styles and patterns of muntins to suit personal tastes and the character of the building. Whether you prefer adhesive muntins, between the glass muntins, or Viennese muntins, you can find them all in VIKKING’s extensive selection!

They look great in retro, loft, glamour interiors, as well as in villas and classic manors.


Patented window painting technology with completely invisible profile welding will give your windows a modern touch.
At VIKKING, we look at windows as home furnishings. Every little detail should fit together and be consistent with each other.

With NANO-CORNER, your interior will be perfect in every millimeter.


V-PERFECT TECHNOLOGY – windows with a minimalist weld. This aesthetics has so far been unattainable for PVC windows.

The use of V-Perfect technology means the aesthetics of window corners on a world-class level.