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Why are composite doors the best choice?



Construction and equipment:



1.  Innovative, six-chamber PVC door frame class A Plus with a smooth surface or a RealWood surface. PVC profiles are resistant to moisture, perfectly insulate from the cold, and require no maintenance. The system of extensions, connectors and clamps ensures a high number of configuration and frame equipment possibilities.


2. Composite sash with specially reinforced construction which prevents deformation, even in difficult weather conditions, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Only composite sashes maintain high quality for decades without the need for maintenance and painting.


3. The solid multi-layer construction of the sash ensures stability and anti-burglary protection. The sash linings are made from the highest quality composite panels resistant to scratches and damage.


4. Waterproof composite frame protects the interior of the sash from moisture and the freon-free insulation provides excellent protection against heat loss.


5. Composite doors have the highest quality coatings in any RAL colours or in one of the many wood grain decorations. They are also fully resistant to moisture, unlike traditional materials.


6. Silicone seals designed specially for composite doors ensure maximum protection against heat loss around the perimeter and provide a pleasant sound when closing.


7. The low threshold system with a durable aluminium thermal barrier and thermal subliminal insulation profiles provides comfort through excellent insulation and a stable door foundation. The threshold height is only 20mm.


8. Heat-insulated threshold profiles with a warm assembly system ensure stable positioning of the door, which eliminates thermal bridges and protects against moisture. The system of multi-point locks and anti-theft blockades raises the level of burglary protection.





door corner



Burglary resistence RC2

Thanks to their design and top quality fittings, composite doors have excellent resistance to burglary, vandalism and mechanical damage.



UD factor from 0,58 W/m²K 


The low value of this factor ensures reduced heat loss 
in the house. Less energy is needed to heat the building.

Thanks to the connection materials and components with perfects parameters of Vikking composite doors, we have achieved the lowest factor of heat transfer while maintaining an elegant appearance and optimum thickness of the door sash.