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P.W. Vikking - Windows

Manufacturer of highest quality composite doors and windows



This unique decoration system developed by our team of engineers is protected by an international patent.

PVC Surface decoration in Real Wood technology eliminates the necessity of veneering profiles and ensures durability for many years.

Real Wood windows, unlike wooden windows, do not require expensive maintenance.




Innovative concept

Wooden products are vulnerable to many threats due to the destructive effect of moisture on hygroscopic wood. This lead to the concept of decorating the surface of PVC profiles, to provide them with the aesthetics of fine wood and eliminate the disadvantages of wood.


Innovative technology

Our proprietary solution of structural glazing inserts prevents the sashes from falling, and increases safety and comfort of use. It also allows to optimize the steel reinforcements of window profiles, which greatly increases reduces the loss of valuable energy. Unlike wood, decorated PVC profiles in RealWood technology do not require additional protection against weather. Any coating repairs are possible in the building where windows are installed.


Innovative design

The technology developed by our team of VIKKING engineers is protected by an international patent. The attractiveness of its visual effects also led us to register it as an international industrial design. The surface of Real Wood window profiles resembles the surface of fine wood, but without the flaws of wood. Real Wood decoration and varnishing can be made in any configuration. Real Wood windows, unlike veneer windows, always have all visible niches painted in a color identical to the color of the windows.




Terrace doors and windows systems:


tilt-turn: the ability to use hinges discreetly hidden in a neutral rebate or magnetic sensors monitoring the positions of windows, controlling air conditioning and the operation of the kitchen hood, and working with the alarm system.


tilt and slide: the convenient duoPort SK system for large glazing, compatible with the latest trends. It ensures smooth operation and the possibility of increasing protection against burglary.


retract and slide: the duoPort PAS system gives sliding doors a new dimension of functionality. The parallel withdrawal wings of the frame enables natural, energy-efficient ventilation, also when no one is at home. The position of the parallel withdrawal wing fitting has the same class of burglary resistance as in the closed position.


HST lift and slide: the possibility of creating a construction up to 6 metres wide. Thanks to the use of the highest quality fittings, the wings move easily and without the slightest resistance in relation to the closed parts of the structure.




  Energy-saving airing, without drafts.

  parallel positioning system on 6 mm

  During ventilation, the window meets the requirements of ENV 1627-1630 Class Rc2, and therefore acts as closed window shutters.