We fulfill dreams about
beautiful and functional homes.

“I am pleased to invite you to discover the fascinating world of energy-efficient windows in our latest catalogue.

The VIKKING team is not only breaking new ground, but also creating a future where the design meets innovation. I encourage you to explore our offer, where quality goes hand in hand with beauty.

Discover with us how VIKKING redefines the standards of comfort and style in the homes of customers around the world! in comparison to traditional products.

Tadeusz Knaszuk

Family-Owned Company

VIKKING is a family company with 45 years of tradition. We always adhere
to the principle of business reliability.

Credibility and honesty as well as a dedication to manufacturing products
of the highest standard have been our vectors during our history. This is confirmed by numerous certificates, awards and a constantly growing group of satisfied customers in over a dozen countries around the world.

We have created a proprietary technology of energy-saving polymar windows
and composite doors and with superior technical parameters and aesthetic values
in comparison to traditional products.

A leading manufacturer of the highest quality composite doors and PVC windows

Our customers decide on the final shape, size, colour and furnishing of their entrance doors and windows, and our passionate staff prepare each order individually.
With determination and dedication, they create beautiful, durable and secure doors and windows.

Since 1991 Vikking has been manufacturing the highest quality doors and windows with professional equipment meeting the most stringent climatic requirements.

In order to meet the expectations of the market and our customers, we are constantly expanding and improving our offer of composite entrance doors.

Vikking – our awards