Windows open to natural beauty – new WOODEC decors in the VIKKING range

As of today, new decors from the premium veneer series are available in our range: Woodec. This is a proposal prepared for all those with a high sense of aesthetics and who value design inspired by nature.

We have prepared six unique colour variants that directly allude to the beauty of natural wood. The most fashionable woodgrain veneers combined with highly energy-efficient systems – a guarantee of premium window joinery.

Woodec – inspired by nature

What are Woodec decors? They are window veneers that are difficult to distinguish from the natural material. Thanks to their innovative matt surface and deep, realistic embossing, the windows highly reflect the beauty of natural wood.

An additional advantage of choosing the new generation of wood-like veneers from the Woodec series is the unprecedented ease of care and cleaning of the window surfaces. As a result, they retain their original brilliance and do not cause additional work.

Appreciated by architects and interior designers

Man’s natural need to be close to nature and current trends in interior design were the inspiration for VIKKING’s Woodec collection of energy-efficient window frames.

In the interiors, the new woodgrain decors provide a pleasant ambience and a modern look, while on the exterior they guarantee a high-quality appearance for the entire building.

Woodec can be used on the internal and external window surface and is available in several variants:

Better reflection – less heat absorption

All decors in the Woodec series are made using the “cool colours” technology. This is an innovative method of applying pigments to reduce the absorption of the sun’s rays, which are most responsible for heating the material.

Most of this radiation does not penetrate the profile, but is reflected back to the surface. The heat influx into the profile is significantly lower, the surface remains cool and the window is dimensionally stable. In this way, the “cool colours” films help to prolong the life of the window.

Suitable for any style

The development and design of the woodec series was heavily influenced by the Scandinavian countries. The characteristic large amount of wood, simple shapes and patterns, and the bright and warm colours are a popular interior design trend both in Poland and throughout Europe.

This trend is also increasingly being transferred to windows and doors, which is why at VIKKING we offer a colour-coordinated set of joinery. Thanks to our in-house paint shop, exterior composite doors can also be made in woodec decors.

Composite doors and fully colour-matched PVC windows are a sign of attention to attention to detail and a modern approach to design.

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