What is a tilt-and-turn SIDELIGHT ?

vikking composite doors

The external doors that open up the space into our home do not have to perform only the basic
and familiar functions. An innovative solution in the light segment will give the space an extra sparkle.

Modern architecture emphasises the use of glazing in the design of houses and other public buildings. Designers are boldly embracing solutions that are designed not only to look impressive, but also to provide additional benefits.

When it comes to external doors, we have several options in which we can use glass,
as a material that will make the entrance to our house a modern showpiece.

The VIKKING composite door range includes collections
in which the glazing is an integral part of the leaf.

CRYSTAL, ELITE or INSPIRO models are just a few of our proposals in which we can use glazing packages. However, there is also a solution dedicated to those seeking the additional benefits of using non-standard solutions.

SIDElight – perfectly suited to your home

Skylights are a very popular solution used in exterior door projects. They can be used in any variation, size, shape and location. However, at VIKKING we have developed a technology that redefines what rooflights are.

A new dimension in SIDElight

Composite doors can be fitted with tilt-and-turn sidelight.

VIKKING is a pioneer in the use of this solution. By choosing this construction, we not only gain an additional flow of natural light into the house, but also allows ventilation of our interior.

As the name suggests, this variant of fanlight construction allows the extension to be freely tilted and opened to the outside door.

With this possibility, we have full control over the regulation of the fresh air supply to the hallway, corridor or small vestibule. Unfortunately, in these areas, we rarely have the opportunity to ventilate them while different odours are present.

Your pet-friendly home

Another benefit we gain by choosing this solution is dedicated to all pet owners. Not an obvious feature… but a pet-friendly one! Thanks to the tilt-and-turn sidelight, your pet can freely go out into the garden without you interfering too much into the garden without too much interference from us.

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