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Composite exterior doors to your house.

Discover what makes us special!

Your home is a place where everyone should feel comfortable and safe. Our goal is to produce doors with the highest functional parameters. We use the best quality components to create beautiful entrances.

Perfectly designed doors and windows.

Discover what makes us special!

Our employees and machines form an amazing synergy, allowing us to produce products of the highest quality.



Vikking - Drzwi i okna - doświadczony producent i dostawca



Our doors and windows include additional anti-theft protection in standard and best quality fittings supplied by renowned and verified manufacturers in order to protect you and your family. We guarantee that our products are safe, easy to use, and highly durable.



Doors and windows with good thermal insulating capacity are a key element in energy efficient houses. Vikking products guarantee a significant reduction in heat loss and noticeable savings in heating.



Vikking doors and windows are distinguished by their unique design and unlimited decoration and color configuration possibilities. We are able to customize orders on request.



We specialise in personalised joinery solutions.

Your doors and windows are the showcase of your house.

Most of our composite entrance doors are custom-made in order to match our customers preferences and requirements. We know that entry doors are a key element of the house and reflect the character of its owners.




Why are composite doors the best choice?
Discover what makes us special!

  • composite entry door systems effectively protect against heat loss - U factor from 0,58 W/m²K, 

  • doors from the ARCTIC PLUS, ARCTIC and PREMIUM lines are equipped with multi-point antiburglary strip locks

  • excellent resistance to vandalism and burglary - RC II class in accordance with PN-EN 1627:2011
  • effective soundproofing – reduction of street noise


  • an unlimited selection of models, sizes, colours, and unique stained-glass decorations from our own studio
  • a wide range of top quality fittings and door accessories
  • doors adapted to non-standard building openings
  • double doors and sidelights in various shapes and sizes
  • PVC door frames with a system of extensions, connectors and sidelights in any configuration and resistant to moisture are only available in composite doors
  • frames from the highest quality meranti wood available on request
  • rebated or non-rebated doors, opened inward or outward
  • thanks to composite materials with unparalleled parameters, we set new trends in the quality and design of front doors
  • Vikking composite doors are manufactured using advanced technologies protected by international patents
  • the innovative structural pasting of glass units ensures the stability of doors, safety, and protection against energy loss
  • composite doors are available with a SMOOTH surface or in a unique combination with Real Wood wood-like surface in any configuration and colour
  • innovative stained glass in any design, hand-crafted in own studio by the best professionals
  • the maintenance of our doors requires minimum effort,

  • paint coatings do not require periodic maintenance,

  • composite doors have an optimal cost-benefit ratio,
  • each order is individually fulfilled by experienced professionals focused on customer satisfaction.


  • composite doors have the appearance of wood, the light weight of aluminium, the resistance of steel, the durability of PVC, and are free from the disadvantages of traditional materiaIs
  • advanced technology, the highest quality components, fittings and coatings of leading manufacturers ensure many years of trouble-free operation
  • composite surface sashes are resistant to friction and scratches
  • VIKKING composite doors are resistant to moisture and the most difficult climate conditions - composite sashes don't deform under the influence of the weather conditions, we guarantee their technical durability for decades.

Why are REAL WOOD windows the best choice?
Discover what makes us special!

  • the only PVC windows on the market with REAL WOOD surface decoration,
  • a patented unique decoration system,
  • REAL WOOD windows are decorated with the highest quality ecological varnishes, providing long lasting colours,
  • the possibility of selecting any colour from the RAL palette ,
  • dedicated to passive and energy-efficient houses,
  • recommended for people who are particularly interested in reducing costs of heating,
  • the triple seal system in the Arctic Plus line significantly improves the windows thermal insulation,
  • triple gazing units of Arctic Plus and Arctic lines provide excellent protection against cold and acoustic insulation.
  • The revolutionary sash release system from the 6 mm frame introduces new airflow capabilities without drafts, while maintaining high standards of safety,
  • the highest quality fittings activPilot Comfort PADM allows automatic programming of ventilation, even in the absence of homeowners,
  • construction up to 6 meters width and many options for configuring sliding doors,
  • patio doors with ultra thin treshold,
  • the parameters of the window packages are adjusted to the function of the room and depending on the position of the directions of the world, so that at every season of the year guarantee comfort and economic benefits.



Our most popular models of composite doors.
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